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Mario Lopez Loves Secret Room Events Gift Lounges

Popular TV personality Mario Lopez is a regular at Secret Room Events gift lounges. “He is so sweet to all of our sponsors. He takes his time and is very pleasant. It is so nice of him to continue to attend our events and we really appreciate it ” mentions Rita Branch of Secret Room Events. Mario also loves Secret Room Event’s and Backstage Bag’s celebrity baby baskets. He has already received one for each of his kids.




Michael Madsen Attends Secret Room Events Gift Lounge

Actor Michael Madsen has attended numerous Secret Room Events gift lounges. Although not usually a gift lounge fan, Michael must like Secret Room Events  as he has shown his support by attending many times over the years. He is a very nice guy and the sponsors really love him.



Secret Room Events Featured In OK! Magazine Surrounding Their Award Show Coverage

Secret Room Events, Hollywood’s most exclusive and top rated gift lounge and celebrity product placement producers, were the only exclusive gift suite featured on the popular in a full page spread in OK! magazine as part of their award show coverage. “This type of coverage is something very rarely seen with gift lounges. So you can imagine how thrilled we were when OK! magazine chose our gift lounge exclusively for this full page spread in their magazine. It did wonders for our sponsors and we were very grateful” mentions Amy Boatwright of Secret Room Events. OK! magazine as well as other well known publiciations have featured Secret Room Events gift lounges and gift bags throughout the years. Secret Room Events has appeared numerous times in OK! magazine.

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Secret Room Events OK! Magazine full page spread and feature giveaway



James Woods Attends Secret Room Events Gift Lounge

Actor James Woods, who isn’t a gift lounge celebrity, stopped by at Secret Room Events gift lounge to pick up some fabulous gifts and luxury trips to Fiji for himself and his girlfriend. “It was so nice of him to stop by our gift lounge. He was very gracious, spent time with all our sponsors and was a delight to have as a guest” says Amy Boatwright of Secret Room Events. Being that James Woods doesn’t attend gift suites, the fact that he attended Secret Room Events gift lounge says a lot about the type of events they produce.

James Woods attends Secret Room Events gift lounge

Jeff Bridges Thanks Secret Room Events For Gift Bag

Jeff Bridges thanks Secret Room Events for his nominee gift basket

Well Known actor Jeff Bridges showed his thanks to Secret Room Events for his fabulous nominee gift basket filled with amazing gifts. “We were so pleased when we received a handwritten note from Jeff Bridges. He has gone length about his much he enjoyed the gift basket and the products. He is definatley a nice guy” mentioned Amy Boatwright of Secret Room Events. Secret Room Events produces Hollywood’s top gift lounges and gift bags surrounding major award shows and exclusive celebrity events.